The Loving Game

Catherine Giller

Everyone has some secret. Is the game of love to be seen as infidelity? Is it possible to long for one woman's touch yet think fondly of another? Oliver is one of a group of young people who decided to spend two weeks in the Appalachian Mountains in a Gorge Hall, a deserted mansion in the middle of a forest. In this place, starts a silent fight for the attention of beautiful Caroline. A fight between Oliver himself and his wealthy business family friend, Edward. But it is not just the two of them who become infatuated with Caroline. Friends became rivals although only one of them spends passionate nights with her. Meanwhile, strange and troubling things begin to happen. In the old cemetery they find, to Edward’s alarm, a tombstone bearing the name of Edward's lost university colleague. After some dramatic and unexplained events, the group decide to leave prematurely and face what fate will deal them in the future. Only Oliver is missing from this group, having been caught in the vicious circle of a cursed forest of swirling mist and unseen voices from which he cannot find a way back. Each voice of the unseen people has its touching story about their involuntary stay in the mysterious, misty forest. Oliver encounters the voice of gentle Cynthia and their strange loving game starts. Life develops differently for each of the group that departed from Gorge Hall, their lives for ever associated with past events. After almost twenty years the past suddenly reappears in to the changed world and once again affects their lives. Will treason have its revenge and love be returned? Who will keep their happiness and who will lose it forever? Dark mysteries are revealed. At the end of this story nothing will be as it had seemed at the beginning.
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